When Food Attacks!

It’s not a cause to panic when a banana claims your milk tooth, but when food-related cracks happen in adulthood, it is DEFCON 1 time. Little missed pebbles of rice or lentils, or maybe a few nuts can cause or aggravate a tooth fracture and will ruin any dining experience. On the other hand, a dull ache when chewing softer foods or discomfort when consuming something cold, are also signs that there is something else happening below the surface.

It doesn’t sound that cool that the damage to your tooth came from risotto and a date with your Fight Club friends, but you’ll have to see a dentist even if you don’t have a fun story to tell. The issue must be addressed immediately, and no matter the time of day or night, Emergency Dental Salt Lake City can help.

There are several types of tooth fractures and food can have a different influence on them. All of their visible and invisible symptoms should be addressed as soon as they are noticed because procrastination in dental care can have some serious consequences.

Possibly the most painless one is the fractured cusp which could have happened because your teeth came into contact with something hard. There is some sharp pain, but quite likely no major damage to the tooth. Emergency Dental Salt Lake City staff can promptly apply a crown to fix it, so the issue would not get out of control due to unnecessary delays in treatment.

The next one is the vertical root fractures and they often show no symptoms and visible signs. However, if you find yourself out of nowhere experiencing pain while eating, you should see a dentist asap. If detected early, Salt Lake City Emergency Dental can save your tooth by applying a bonding treatment. If left unchecked, not only will it be impossible to save the tooth, but it can also lead to gum and bone infection.

And finally, we have a split tooth where, just like the Red Sea, a tooth has split into two distinct fragments. This usually happens when the vertical root fracture or the fractured cusp go untreated. Though parts could be saved, the entire tooth will not be and you might even have to look forward to a root canal. Salt Lake City Emergency Dental can perform an extraction and provide you with a dental implant, so you can keep smiling with confidence.

If you end up liking the dentist that just saved your tooth, Salt Lake City Emergency Dental offers regular services as well.

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